The Luscious Lycian Coast

Sailing past spectacular scenery, riveting ruins and intriguing islets – you will feel like there is nowhere else you would rather be! The Lycian coast runs from Marmaris in the west to Antalya in the east, covering some of the most remarkable coastlines in the Mediterranean. You will see rugged landscapes complimented by turquoise waters and discover beautiful bays perfect for peaceful lunchtime swim stops.

What’s the weather like?

You will find that the weather in Turkey is warm and sunny for much longer than a lot of our other destinations, making it the perfect location for an early or late season sail! The prevailing wind in the Lycian coast blows from the North-North West with an average of force 2-4 in the summer season. This makes it ideal for those looking to take it easy and simply meander from bay to bay.

Popular spots…

The Lycian coast is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the Mediterranean, including Oludeniz, which is one of the better known spots. The whole coastline is vibrant with colour with stunning green/blue waters and white sandy beaches…what more could you want from a sailing destination?

We have three bases in the Lycian coast: Marmaris, Fethiye and Gocek. They are all approximately a 2 hour transfer from Dalaman airport and each one offers a very different view of Turkey. From exciting nightlife to a traditional Turkish towns, there is something for everyone.

Days 1 – 2, Arriving in the Lycian Coast

After arriving at your base in Gocek or Fethiye, it is time to check in before relaxing with a nice cold beer and enjoying your first evening.

Your first stop could be Tersan Adasi, an island on the Lycian coast and one of the biggest in Skopea Limani. The island includes a well-protected bay in the North West corner, which homes a lovely restaurant set amongst several Byzantine ruins. You will find more interesting ruins in the North East of the island, where lots of ancient buildings are scattered across the hillsides. These have all been abandoned and can be explored once you get onto land.

Turkey - Fethiye    Fisherman in Gocek    Marmaris Bay Turkey
Fethiye                                   Gocek                                     Marmaris

Days 3 – 4, Meandering Through The Bays

Over the next couple of days you can make the short sail west to visit some of the beautiful bays that line the coast.

Due to its stunning features, Tomb Bay is one of our favourite anchorages along the Lycian coast. The bay has space for several yachts to moor up in overnight, but it’s also a great place to anchor in for a spot of lunch and a refreshing dip. There are a few restaurants dotted throughout the bay, giving you a selection of delicious Turkish dishes for either lunch or dinner.

Another favourite spot is Wall Bay. The beach here is a great size and a lovely place for a bit of volleyball or simply for a swim and a snorkel. If you feel like a walk then you should head up to the tombs and the Byzantine Haman, which is a Turkish bath. These both take around an hour to get to.

Wall Bay, Turkey    Tomb Bay, Turkey
Wall Bay                                Tomb Bay

Days 5 – 6, For the Nature Lovers

It’s about time you got some real sailing in now and what could be better than a nice 20 mile sail south to Butterfly Bay?

Butterfly Bay is located in a valley in the Fethiye district of Mugla province, southwest Turkey. The valley is situated at the foothill of Babadag, a high mountain that has been nominated for its preservation as a world heritage site. A wide sandy beach lies at the bottom of the valley with a trail leading to two waterfalls, both of which are a must-see.

As you start to head back up north don’t miss out on visiting Karacaoren, Oludeniz and Cold Water Bay. All three are beautiful beaches with lovely restaurants, great anchorages, and handy ports.

Cold Water Bay Turkey    Oludeniz Bay Lagoon Small Boats    Butterfly Valley, Fethiye    Karacaoren Turkey
Cold Water Bay                    Olu deniz                               Butterfly Bay                         Karacaoren

Days 7 – 8, Heading North Back to Base

As your week draws to an end, it is unfortunately time to head back to base. While you sail up the coast you will not want to leave the stunning mountain views, historical ruins and clear blue waters. We recommend heading back to base on the day before check in, giving yourself plenty of time. You can then relax and enjoy one last day in the local town, experiencing more of the tasty traditional cuisine and browsing through the various Turkish Bazaars.

Turkey - Fethiye    Fisherman in Gocek    Marmaris Bay Turkey
Fethiye                                   Gocek                                     Marmaris

Days 1 – 2, Arriving in Turkey

Once you have arrived at your base and checked in with the local charter company, you are free to explore the local town before setting sail the next day.

Marmaris has a large marina and is somewhat known as a party town, with many bars and restaurants lining the harbour and neighbouring streets. Gocek and Fethiye are a little quieter and remain more traditional Turkish towns, while still providing lots for you to enjoy on your first evening before hitting the open sea.

Turkey - Fethiye    Fisherman in Gocek    Marmaris Bay Turkey
Fethiye                                   Gocek                                     Marmaris

Days 3 – 6, Exploring the Lycian Coast

When setting off on your Turkish sailing adventure there are many places you should visit in the first couple of days including Tomb Bay, Wall Bay, Ekincik and Kumlubuku. Depending on your starting base, these are all only a short 10-15 mile sail and all offer picturesque views along the mountainous coast.

Tomb Bay is one of our favourite anchorages along the Lycian coast due to its stunning features.The bay itself has space for many yachts to be moored up overnight but it’s also a great place to anchor off for a spot of lunch. There are several restaurants lining the bay, giving you a pick of the best Turkish dishes for lunch or dinner.

Kumbuluk is one of the largest stretches of beach in the peninsula. The town has not yet been hit by tourism and still keeps its traditional Turkish way of living. There are two main bays in Kumlubuk and they are easy to get to either from mooring at the port or anchoring off and taking your dinghy ashore.

Dalyan Tombs    Kumlubuku Bay Turkey    Wall Bay, Turkey    Tomb Bay, Turkey
Ekincik                                   Kumlubuku                           Wall Bay                                Tomb Bay

Days 7 – 10, Heading South East Along The Coast

As you head south east from the previous stops you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey including Cold Water Bay, Oludeniz and Butterfly Bay.

Oludeniz is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey thanks to its stunning beach. The long spit of sandy beach leading to a gorgeous lagoon is truly breathtaking when paired with the crystal clear waters. The beach is perfect for a nice swim, or if you are a bit more adventurous why not try a tandem paraglide off the local mountain.

We also recommend a visit to Butterfly Bay, just 10 miles south from Oludeniz. The bay is named after the hundreds of butterflies that live there. A wide sandy beach lies at the bottom of the valley with a trail leading to two waterfalls, which are both a definite must-see.

Cold Water Bay Turkey    Oludeniz Bay Lagoon Small Boats    Butterfly Valley, Fethiye
Cold Water Bay                    Olu deniz                               Butterfly Bay

Days 11 – 13, Sailing the Turkish Coast

As you sail further down the south coast you will come across some lovely tourist towns and villages with lots of things to keep you busy.

Kas is known for its underwater activities and a well-preserved ancient theatre. You won’t find any amazing beaches here but if you love snorkelling or scuba diving then you are definitely in the right place.

Kalkan is a lovely harbourside town, built on hills that overlook the gorgeous bay. In recent years Kalkan has become extremely popular with tourists and expats and has become quite expensive compared to a lot of the coast. So please be aware of this when mooring up in its harbour.

If you fancy a bay to anchor in for a spot of lunch then head to Kekova Roads; there are many wonderful anchorages in the bay and lovely little coves.

Kalkan Turkey    Kas Turkey    Kekova Turkey
Kalkan                                   Kas                                          Kekova Roads

Days 14 – 15, Heading Home

Once you come to the end of your amazing two-week sailing trip, it’s time to head North up the coast and back to base. Take your time though, if you missed any places on the way down then this is your chance to visit those spots!

We recommend heading back to base the day before check out, giving yourself enough time to get back. This also gives you plenty of time to explore the marina and local town on your final night.

Turkey - Fethiye    Fisherman in Gocek    Marmaris Bay Turkey
Fethiye                                   Gocek                                     Marmaris