Explore the Saronic Islands

The Saronic Islands are a popular destination for both British sailors and locals alike. This wonderful area is just a stones throw from Athens making it really accessible. The wind in the Saronic Islands is perfect for those relatively new to chartering. There can be some exhilarating breezes but they tend to remain consistent and easy to handle.

Enjoy quiet bays all summer long

Our favourite aspect to sailing in the Saronic Islands is the tranquility and ease (even in the middle of August). For some reason this incredible area seems to have fallen off the radars of many crew which means that good quay space is common even in the height of summer. The local tavernas also remain unaffected by mass tourism, which means the food is deliciously traditional, and prices amazingly affordable!

What’s the weather like?

This area of Greece is fairly far south, so enjoys a really warm summer, with temperatures reaching up to 35°C in July and August. At the beginning and end of the season (May and October) the temperatures remain warm (generally around 23-25°C). A great area for an early or late season sail!

The prevailing wind in the Saronic Islands is a North Easterly Force 4-5. During August the Meltimi can often make its presence known with the wind strength picking up to a Force 5 or 6.

Expect mooring fees in most places except for bay stops. Prices vary depending on the type of harbour or marina you’re visiting and size of your yacht.

Days 1 – 4, Arriving in the Saronics

After arriving and checking in with the local charter company you are free to relax on your yacht. Head into the marina or local town and experience the lovely local Greek cuisine.

Heading south from Athens or west from Lavrion will take you to the heart of the Saronic Gulf where there are many places for you to explore on your first couple of days. The islands of Aigina, Poros and Vathi are all lovely little islands that still remain traditionally Greek even though they are popular for tourism in the summer. If you want to head further inland you will come towards Nea Epidhavros and Palaia Epidhavros. These are both port towns on the coast that hold a lot of history and some great opportunities to explore local ancient ruins.

Sunset over the sleeping lady in Poros  Quaint Taverna by the water in Little Vathi, Meganisi  Athens, Saronics  Aigina Beach, Saronics  Lavrion Marina, Cyclades
Poros                                    Vathi                                    Athens                                  Aegina                                  Lavrion

Days 5 – 8, Adrenaline Sailing Through The Peloponnese

After short hop sailing through the Saronic gulf islands its time to whack those sails up and get some exciting sailing in. Travelling west through the Peloponnese coast, weaving through the smaller islands like Dhokos you will come to some beautiful coastal towns. We recommend visiting Ermioni, Koiladhia and Vivari.

Ermioni is a small seaside town on the eastern coast of the Peloponnese constructed on the hill slopes. The town has many traditional Greek houses and the surrounding nature makes this a beautiful place to stop and attracts many families looking for a peaceful holiday. You will find a few pebbled beaches just a short walk from the port where you can enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters.

Vivari is a port in Assini in Argolida in the Peloponnese region of Greece. The port has a great beach, a natural harbour, lagoon and lovely traditional village. The area can get very busy in the summer period with lots going on in the village.

Birds eye view of Dhokos Bay,Saronic islands  Kyparissi Town Saronic Islands  Ermioni, Saronics  Vivari, Saronics
Dhokos Island                    Koiladhia                            Ermioni                                Vivari

Days 9 – 12, Cruising down the Coast

As this is our adventure route for the Saronics we thought we would include as much sailing as possible. Heading south down the coast Nafplion takes you past many seaside towns and traditional villages. We highly recommend stopping over in a couple of these as they give you some great sailing time and really nice sightseeing spots. Nafplion will appeal to the history buffs among you. Its history goes back fifteen thousand years or so and many Greek myths and stories emanate from this town and the surrounding area.

Tiros is a tourist town with a small port and a great spot for lunch or an overnight stay. It has not yet become a tourist town but you will be sure to find a couple of tavernas and shops to pick up your provisions.

Plaka is a beautiful small harbour in the Argolic Gulf. It is a very peaceful spot, with a long pebble beach and a harbour with crystal clear waters. The area is also famous for the Aubergine! It is a stop that’s hard not to love.

If the weather is on your side, a longer sail down to stunning island of Monemvasia is a must whilst sailing in this area. Swim with turtles in the harbour by day and venture into the ancient Byzantine city for a spot of local wine tasting and some delicious food in the evening.

Drinks in hte hills of Leonidhian near Plaka  Sailing past Monemvasia in the Saronic Islands  Navplion  Beach-side dining in Tiros  Waterside dinner in Kyparissi in the Saronic Islands
Plaka                                    Monemvasia                        Nafplion                              Tiros                                      Kiparissi

Days 13 – 15, Homeward Bound

On your way back up the coast you can stop over in Spetses and Hydra, two Islands that offer some great Greek traditionality. With local tavernas offering fresh and local produce, lush sandy and pebbled beaches and ancient ruins you will find lots to see and do.

From here it is about 20 miles plus back to Lavrion or Athens so give yourself lots of time on the last day to get back to base. You can then enjoy your last evening at one of the nice marina restaurants or explore the local town.

Nautical Club, Hydra Island  Athens, Saronics  Spetses, Saronics  Lavrion Marina, Cyclades
Hydra                                    Athens                                Spetses                                  Lavrion