Are you a keen sailor who’s looking to really spread their wings (and sails!) on your next Yacht Charter in Greece? If so then we’ve got a destination that would be perfect for you.

What’s the weather & wind like?

There’s no doubt about it the Cyclades is the windiest area in Greece to sail to during the summer season. Both in July and August and also into September you can reach up to a Force 6. This is due to the area being very open to the meltimi. This area is for experienced sailors only or if you are looking to sail out of season in May or October. So if you’re searching for an exciting sail then this is the destination for you.

Since this area of Greece is so far south, the temperatures in summer reach up to a lovely 33 degress in July and August and if you’re sailing in May and October temperatures reach the early 20’s. Very pleasant if you ask us!

cyclades triple

Places to explore

There are countless places which we could classify as ‘can’t be missed’ if you’re looking for an adventure on your one week holiday here, but that’s not realistic…so here’s a few we really couldn’t do without!

Ancient Thira – This sight is a historic settlement full of atmosphere. You’ll find ruins, temples, mosaics and even an old agora (market).

Santorini – Often called the ‘black pearl of the Aegean’ this is easily one of Greece’s most spectacular islands. With ancient volcanic caldera, glorious beaches and the famous blue-domed churches there’s plenty to see here.

The Church of Panagia Evangelistria – Found on the island of Tinos this neoclassical church pays homage to the ‘Lady of Tinos’ icon i.e. the Virgin Mary. Built from marble and housing vast collections of religious artefacts and secular art this is a beautiful stopoff, however make sure to dress respectfully.

Sifnos – These 3 whitewashed villages are often called dreamlike. Flanked by mountains and an abundance of terraced olive groves, almond trees and aromatic herbs these villages are much like a fairytale. Each bay on the islands offers a different breathtaking vista.

Folegandros – Barely 12km by 4km you wouldn’t think such a small island could have such an interesting history. In the past the island housed political prisoners from Roman times right to the 20th century. Today the islands seductive charm overshadows its grim history.

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